Calendar of Events


Dates of Meetings for 2018-19

Date Event Time

GMATUCs Dates of Meetings for 2018 - 2019 with affiliate hosting:

21st APRIL: Delegate Meeting in FMH Manchester

23rd JUNE: EC Meeting  in FMH

21st JULY: Delegate Meeting in FMH

15TH SEPTEMBER: EC Meeting  in FMH

13th OCTOBER: Delegates Meeting  in FMH

24th NOVEMBER: EC  Meeting in FMH

5th January 2018: Delegate Meeting in  FMH

23rd  February 2019: AGM Meeting in MANCHESTER FMH

Local affiliates wil need to inform the GMATUCs secretary of the full location details: venue address + post code & meeting start time going forward in order to send out notificaton of the meetings in good time.


If you would like to add any other important dates to our calendar, please send them via our 'contact page'