Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils

Trades Union Councils

Trades Union Councils bring together unions to campaign around issues affecting working people in their workplaces and local communities. Trades union councils aim to:

  • raise public awareness of rights at work and the union role  in enforcing those rights.
  • promote organising and recruitment drives to build union membership.
  • support union and community campaigns for dignity and respect in the workplace and beyond

With threats of racism and fascism, changes in the labour market and debates over the future of public services, the trade union voice in the community is as important as ever. The capacity of trades union councils to provide a local response and to organise trade unionists into coalitions with other progressive forces is crucial. They do this by providing services which keep local trade unionists up to date with developments within the wider trade union movement, and by taking up relevant local industrial community issues.

County Association of TUCs
In England, all trades union councils registered with the TUC must also affiliate to the appropriate county association. The association is made up of elected representatives of affiliated trades union councils within a specific locality.

The objectives of the association are set out in the model rules and fall within the following four categories.
  1. to act as a representative body of the TUC for the county in helping publicise and administer TUC policy, including liaison on matters of joint concern with the TUC Regional Council.
  2. to act as an electoral body for trades union councils' representatives on the TUC Regional Council.
  3. to promote the effective working of trades union councils in the  county and to co-ordinate their activities, particularly by making representations to city/town councils and other bodies at county level about matters of common concern to Trades Councils within the county.
  4. to assist, in conjunction with the Trades Union Councils' Joint Consultative Committee, the development of trades union councils in the county by helping them obtain affiliations from trades union branches in their areas and promoting the establishment in particular local authority areas where none currently exists.
The Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils was formed in 1974 when the metropolitan district of Greater Manchester was established. As well as Manchester, the county includes major centres such as Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Stockport, Wigan, Salford, Trafford. Although the Greater Manchester Council was abolished by Thatcher in 1986 many of the council's committees continue to operate across the area.